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How does it works?

We fetch data about your website and related topics from differents sources. Then we use our algorithm to spot the pages with big opportunities so you can rank fast!


Rank fast with a minimum effort

We analyze your existing content and tell you which pages to update in priority.
So you don't have to roll out a new SEO strategy, you just need to update a few pages

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The Process:

1/ After signing-up, we'll send you an service email to add in your analytics & Search console property. Don't worry we send you an how-to! This will allow us to read your website informations.

2/ Once we have access to your data, we add some data about your website or your topics, and we run our algorithm/secretsauce so we can tell which pages should be optimized, versus the ones that may not be rewarding.

3/ Then, we send your the results by mail


How do we do it?

By leveraging multiple data about a website, we can estimate the trafic gain after a quick SEO Optimization on a page.


The first three months are free.
After that, either you switch to paid plan (49.99$), or stick on free plan which will get you only 5 urls per month.

The tech we use:

Google Analytics Google Ads google search console Google Trends Dataiku